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Welcome to Click Click Time

You can access Click Click Time Demo by simply clicking the "log in" link (or icon) in the right hand task box. Click the help link at either the top or bottom of the screen to view the manuals.
As you know time in business is very important. We couldn't find a good online recording and management system that was simple to use and reported sophisticated enough reports to quickly and easily manage business. We found our competitor offerings were clunky and failed to leverage cloud computing to the max for their clients. So we built Click Click Time. It is a time management system using simple input processes and sophisticated real time business intelligence based reporting outputs. It monitors the profitability of your businesses time spent on projects and clients by your most important asset, the people who make up your business.
Click Click Time key features
    Time entry, approval and tracking
    Multiple entry methods - line item, week, mobile, upload
    Multiple dimension reporting with drill down and Excel copy paste
    User and team management with eailing and holiday planning
    Project and client master data management
    Quotation, Sales and Budgeting
    Utilities configuration and file management
    File upload and download
Please go ahead and experiment with this demo version.

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